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The Isles of Capri

Area Information
The Isles of Capri  A virtually undiscovered paradise, the Isles of Capri are a dream location to wind down and relax, fish and swim. Capri are two miles from Marco Island and its fabulous beaches, shops and restaurants, and 20 minutes from Naples' sophisticated restaurants and shops.

There are many golf courses, boat rentals and waterside services just minutes away. Direct access to the Gulf means you can explore the fabulous waterways and islands, walking and shelling and watching the amazing Florida sunsets. Waterfront Condos on The Isles of CapriCapri has superb, inexpensive restaurants within walking distance where you can sip on a cocktails while looking out over the boats and marina.

You can get a sense of the peacefulness of the Isles of Capri even before you arrive on the first island. Shortly after you cross US 41 heading south on 951, you come upon the wetlands that surround the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Sanctuary. Along this stretch of road, there's an interesting mix of manmade structures and protected wild areas, which eventually changes to mangrove shoreline as the homes and businesses fade from view. Palm trees adorn The Isles of CapriJust before the first signs of Marco Island appear around the bend, you come to the light at Capri Boulevard, the only road onto (and off of) the Isles of Capri.

Once you're settled on the Isles, you can begin to take in the surroundings - you can almost breathe the tranquility. With a minimum of on-island traffic, and the nearest off-island thruway a mile-and-a-half away on the other side of the mangroves, the island is refreshingly quiet. Apart from the faint drone of the marina's boatlift hard at work and the occasional Harley passing by, the breeze and the seagulls is all you hear most of the time. It's about 2 miles from one end of the Isles to the other, so walking is a favorite way to get around. Sunset views from The Isles of CapriAs you traverse the island chain, you walk past neatly manicured homes, palm trees, and water which laps up to the edges of the road in some places. There is a sense of openness on the Isles of Capri, an airy feeling created by the vastness of the Gulf and the shoreward breeze that blows regularly.

And of course, boats are everywhere. The marinas provide all of the services and materials a boater needs, as well as providing a means to get boats into and out of the water. From the first light of dawn, the fishing boats can be seen leaving the docks for the morning. Like clockwork, the rustic crabbing boats of the Capri Fisheries head out to sea in the morning, and return with equal regularity at sunset. Sport fishermen, Waterfront home on The Isles of Caprisightseers, water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers can all be seen in boats ranging from 35-foot offshore trawlers to kayaks, heading out on the water to enjoy everything this area has to offer.

One surprising pleasure you'll find on the Isles is a handful of wonderful places to go for dining and drinking. Even though the islands have few businesses, we have been blessed with a number of excellent waterfront restaurants and "chickee" bars that make for an entertaining evening out.
The Isles of Capri are nestled in the Rookery Bay Santuary
Serenity, nature, activities, wonderful people, and beautiful surroundings make Isles of Capri a hidden treasure in Southwest Florida, a little piece of paradise that inspires, relaxes, and heals both mind and body. Come see for yourself. But be careful. Once you arrive, you might not want to leave!